About Us

Milford Farm is a family run business in its third generation, based in the heart of Yorkshire. Commencing in May each year there is a steady flow of day-old poults arriving to start their slow growth ‘Journey’ through till Christmas. Operating for the past sixty years, we have been proud producers of our spectacular Milford Bronze & White Turkeys – and privileged to provide the centrepieces for many special Christmas Days! Hopefully ones without too much drama…

With that being said, every year varies with regards to how many birds are leftover and committed to cold storage and unfortunately, as also for many other producers, this has become normality. A figure we must accept.

Seeing fresh, top quality British Produce going into a freezer has never sat right and it is always a huge shame seeing family’s, friend’s and our amazing team’s effort go somewhat to waste - by the birds not being enjoyed fresh and instead having to be frozen. After some whimsical conversation during a January de-brief and a visit from some South-African counterparts - the seed was planted. Tasting their homemade Biltong, immediately raised the question, why can't we use Milford Farm Turkey? Turns out, we think you can! 

We teamed up with Chef Les Buddington, who created the international spice blends which formed the marinade for our three signature flavours!  

Mr Quirkey’s Turkey Jurkey is a new extension of Milford Farm created with the purpose of utilising surplus frozen stock post the Christmas Campaign. It aims to shed more light on an incredible meat that is often overlooked…Turkey is no longer just for Christmas!

    Why Turkey instead of Other Meats?

    We Beat Beef:

    Turkey is a leaner meat that provides a significant amount of high-quality protein.

    Lower Calorie Content:

    Turkey is lower in calories, especially when compared to fattier cuts of meat like beef or pork.

    Lower in Fat:

    Turkey, particularly Turkey breast, is low in saturated fat compared to many other meats. This makes it a heart-healthy choice and can help in managing cholesterol levels.

    Dietary Considerations:

    Some individuals choose turkey over beef for dietary reasons, such as religious restrictions or cultural preferences.

    Lower Environmental Impact:

    Producing Turkey typically has a lower environmental impact compared to beef, as it often requires less land, water, and resources.

    Rich in Vitamins & Minerals:

    Turkey is a good source of several essential vitamins and minerals, including B vitamins like niacin, vitamin B6, and B12, which play roles in energy metabolism, red blood cell formation, and nerve function.

    Has all this turkey-talk whet your appetite?